OE Part Numbers for Ford F-150, Ford Mustang, and Lincoln MKC

3/12/20242 min read

In the world of automotive parts, Original Equipment (OE) numbers play a crucial role in identifying and sourcing the correct components for specific vehicles. For owners of Ford F-150, Ford Mustang, and Lincoln MKC models, it's important to be familiar with the OE part numbers associated with these vehicles. In this article, we will explore the OE part numbers for the mentioned models.

Ford F-150 (2010-2014)

For the 2010-2014 Ford F-150, the OE part numbers to look out for are EL3Z-19G490-D and BL3Z-19G490-B. These numbers correspond to specific components that are designed to fit and function perfectly within the F-150 model range during that period.

Ford Mustang (2015-2020)

When it comes to the 2015-2020 Ford Mustang, there are two OE part numbers to take note of: FR3Z-19G490-A and FR3T-19G490-AD/AE. These numbers represent the OE components that are specially crafted to meet the requirements of the Mustang model range during this time frame.

Lincoln MKC (2015-2019)

For the 2015-2019 Lincoln MKC, the OE part numbers to be aware of are EJ7Z-19G490-A and EJ7T-19G490-AC. These numbers signify the OE parts that are specifically designed to fit and function flawlessly within the Lincoln MKC model range during this particular period.

It's important to note that OE part numbers are unique to each vehicle model and are assigned by the original manufacturer. These numbers help ensure that the replacement parts you purchase are an exact match for your vehicle, providing the same level of performance and compatibility as the original components.

When it comes to sourcing parts for your Ford F-150, Ford Mustang, or Lincoln MKC, it is recommended to use the OE part numbers mentioned above. This will help you in finding the correct components that are specifically designed for your vehicle, ensuring a proper fit and optimal performance.

Remember, using OE parts not only guarantees compatibility but also helps maintain the value and integrity of your vehicle. So, the next time you need to replace a part in your Ford F-150, Ford Mustang, or Lincoln MKC, make sure to refer to the OE part numbers provided to ensure a hassle-free and successful replacement process.